mechaniczny zakład precyzyjny - over 70 years on the tool market


We manufacture all kinds and types of taps to Whitworth threads: coarse series, fine series, gas tapered, pipe paralel without tight join on thread (G), pipe paralel with tight join on thread (Rp) and pipe tapered with tight join on thread (Rc).

We offer the taps in sets (hand short), single (short machine taps, long shank machine taps with reinforced shank, long shank machine taps with reduced diameter shank and nut taps for automatic machine with long reduced shank) and special based on our technical drawings or Customer’s figures.

Whitworth threads have triangular shape and the angle of thread is 55°.

since 1947

”... thanks to such a precise production, keeping a technological rigor has been a standard for us for 70 years.”